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When the stars walk backwards – inspiring, surprising, expressive and unforgettable

Heinke Fiedler

Argentina is not only the birthplace of tango but is also a heartland for fascinating folklore and impressive singer/songwriter. Passionate harmonies, soul-stirring discordancies between text and music and a touching poetry in lyrics and melody unite these diverse genres of Argentine music.

Tanguentro wishes to excite, inspire and move their audience in a well-balanced act between demands and entertainment.

With love and passion we make

música y poesía latinoamericana!



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Eagerness to experiment and catchiness – for Javier Di Ciriaco this was never a contradiction.
Thus he has stood at the crossroads of different musical genres for more than three decades. His songs blend and interfuse poetic folk ballads, romantic tangos, soothing pop and powerful rock tunes. 

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Javier Di Ciriaco · ÍNTIMO 

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