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Javier Di Ciriaco

Eagerness to experiment and catchiness – for Javier Di Ciriaco this was never a contradiction. 

Thus he has stood at the crossroads of different musical genres for more than three decades. His songs blend and interfuse poetic folk ballads, romantic tangos, soothing pop, and powerful rock tunes. At times tender, soft and introverted, at times powerful, rock-edged and extroverted the music of Javier Di Ciriaco holds a distinct duality – sensitive and forceful. A duality that can also be found in his unusually versatile voice.
Javier Di Ciriaco takes his listeners on an emotional journey from soothing melancholy and incredible intimacy all the way to exuberant euphoria thus creating a show experience that resonates.
The charismatic singer from Córdoba, Argentina, founded as teenager the successful rock band Sentencia and in 2006 Sexteto Milonguero, one of the most successful live orchestras on the Argentine and international tango scene.
In 2016, Javier Di Ciriaco presented his first solo programme as singer/songwriter showing new and different facets of his diverse repertoire and multifaceted voice. ÍNTIMO, his first solo album was released in 2017.


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Many years ago, I consciously began to sing with all my senses ...
Many years ago, I daresay even as a child, I sensed the interconnection of body, soul, and audience when I sang ... 
                 Quite a lot of time has passed – many tours, many stages, many shows, many faces in front of me. After all these experiences, when I ask myself the question, “Why do I sing?”, “What do I seek?” and “What do I feel?”, it is this word that comes to mind – as simple as it is meaningful ... ÍNTIMO ... this piece of work, in this moment of my life, with every path I’ve taken, answers the why in everything I do. As simple and meaningful as the word itself... 
My desire? My longing? That my music – in every show or every time it finds a listener, be something ÍNTIMO, something personal, that touches and moves ... Whether I stand before thousands or just a single person: my deepest wish is that each and every individual, even if only for the briefest instant, can escape into my world and feel that this moment is something between you and me ... something ÍNTIMO
- Javier Di Ciriaco -

   Lluvia Para dos (L&M: Javier Di Ciriaco)
   Trenzas - Zamba para olvidar
   El Día Que Me Quieras
   Siempre se vuelve a Buenos Aires
   La milonga del trovador
   Las penas las lleva el rio
   Mi Todo
   Ya no hay forma de pedir perdon

2017 CD 'Íntimo'
2007 CD SEXTETO MILONGUERO ‘Pa‘que Bailen‘
2005 CD ‘Una Emoción‘
2002 CD ‘Boleros en ritmo de Tango‘ 
1999 CD ‘Bodas de Oro con el Tango‘ 


 íntimo (CD Release)
Querer (Hommage to Astor Piazzolla)

CD | Íntimo

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Javier Di Ciriaco · ÍNTIMO 

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